About Us

We are a Greece-based, award – winning cruise company offering authentic experiences. We give our passengers an array of incredible choices, showcasing the best each region has to offer.

Welcome to Celestyal Cruises

About Celestyal Cruises

Celestyal Cruises is the only home-porting cruise operator in Greece and the preeminent cruise line serving the Greek Islands and circumnavigating the island of Cuba, year-round. The company operates five mid-sized vessels; each one being cosy enough to provide genuine and highly-personalized services. The foundation of the company’s philosophy is the ‘destination.’ Every cruise focuses on true cultural immersion, offering authentic, lifetime experiences both on board and onshore wherever its vessels sail.

Our Mission

Is to offer our passengers an amazing personalized experience where they will live, feel and taste the best each region has to offer through a unique journey of authentic moments! With our medium-size, cozy vessels, we can take you to all the famous destinations as well as all the unspoiled hidden gems of the Eastern Mediterranean & Cuba! Join us and we promise you an unforgettable journey!

Our Values

What makes it possible to achieve our vision is our adherence to our values. A company is only as good as the values its management and staff embody every day, in every interaction, both with customers and with fellow employees. Our values are simple:


We strive for integrity, truthfulness and straight forwardness and we expect our people to act accordingly. 


We expect every member of the Celestyal Cruises family to appreciate his or her coworkers and our guests and to treat each of them with consideration, courtesy and kindness.


We expect every member of staff to work cooperatively with others, both on his or her own team and with all other teams.


Reliance on integrity and transparency in all dealings. Having confidence and hope. Maintaining confidentiality where needed.

Corporate Responsibility

Celestyal Cruises is deeply committed to sustainability and ethical business practices. The company actively supports the local communities in the destinations it visits, particularly in the field of education. Since 2015, more than 1,200 students on the Greek islands of Milos, Patmos and Ios have enjoyed a ‘journey to knowledge’, by attending specialized educational programs, initiated by Celestyal Cruises. Additionally, Celestyal Cruises supports cultural NGOs; while promoting youth entrepreneurship, marine student development and child welfare.

ISO Certification

The entire spectrum of Celestyal Cruises’ ship management, including technical, hotel and crew management, and offices, are certified in accordance with ISO 9001/14001 standards. The certifying authority is DNV-GL, which is by widely recognized as the biggest and most respected rating agency in the marine industry.


In 2017, Celestyal Cruises received four Cruisers’ Choice Awards from Cruise Critic, the world’s largest online cruise community, being voted ‘Best’ in the mid-sized category, for ‘Embarkation’, ‘Entertainment’, ‘Shore Excursions’ and ‘Value’. At the Greek Tourism Awards 2017, the company won five awards, as an indication of its dynamic presence in the cruise sector, as well as its great value offered. More specifically, the company won the gold award in the following categories: ‘Tourism Season Expanding Initiatives-Greek Tourism Product Enrichment’, ‘Guest Service Excellence’, ‘Gastronomic Tourism’ and ‘Corporate Identity-Corporate Reputation Management- Branding’; while also receiving a silver award in the ‘Integrated Marketing Campaign’ category.

When you strive to be different, it shows:

  • Cruise Critic Cruisers Choice Awards, cruisecritic.com
  • First Place in Categories: Best for Value, Best for Entertainment, Best for Embarkation and Best for Shore Excursions
  • GOLD award in category 8.1 Gastronomic Tourism, for Highlighting Authentic Enogastronomy on board – Enogastronomy Themed Cruises, Tourism Awards Greece
  • GOLD award in category 3.2 Guest Service Excellence, for Authentic Greek Hospitality by Celestyal Cruises, Tourism Awards Greece
  • GOLD award in category 1.2 Tourism Season Expanding Initiatives / Greek Tourism Product Enrichment for Tourism Season Expanding Initiatives by Celestyal Cruises, Tourism Awards Greece
  • GOLD award in category 10.1 Corporate Identity / Corporate Reputation Management / Branding, for Building a new Global Brand, Tourism Awards Greece
  • SILVER award in category 10.3 Integrated Marketing Campaign for Celestyal Cruises Integrated Marketing Campaign, Tourism Awards Greece.
  • Best Value For Money Cruise Line, Cruise Critic UK Editors’ Picks Awards, cruisecritic.co.uk
  • Cruise Line Revelation, Excellence Awards, Cartagena, Spain
  • GOLD award in category 6.1 Cultural Tourism category for the rich program of themed events, Tourism Awards, Athens, Greece
  • SILVER award in category 1.3 Tourism Development/Contribution to National or Local Economy, Tourism Awards, Athens, Greece
  • BRONZE award in category 9.2 Use of Social Media, Tourism Awards, Athens, Greece
  • BRONZE award in category 10.6 Selection, Rewarding & Developing Staff, Tourism Awards, Athens, Greece
  • SILVER award for Managing Organizational Change, at HR Excellence Awards, Athens, Greece
  • SILVER award for Total Reward Management System: Integrated systems of payments, benefits and bonuses, HR Excellence Awards, Athens, Greece
  • SILVER award in category Event Series / Brand Consistency for 2015 Themed Events, Event Awards, Athens, Greece
  • BRONZE award in category Tourism Event for 2015 themed Events, Event Awards, Athens, Greece
  • BRONZE award in category Business Conferences for 2015 Cruise Inn, Event Awards, Athens, Greece
  • Finalist for Continuous Enrichment, On Board and Ashore, Wave Awards, London, Great Britain
  • Best Communication Strategy, nautical Efkranti Awards
  • Gold Award for “Cruises-Themed Events”, Tourism Awards Greece
  • Bronze Award for “Contribution to the National Economy”, Tourism Awards Greece
  • Bronze Award for “Contribution to Local Economies-New Destinations”, Tourism Awards Greece
  • Silver for “Change Management”, HR Community Awards
  • Silver for “Performance & Compensation Management”, HR Community Awards
  • Silver for “Motivational & Benefit Policy” HR Community Awards
  • Silver for “Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)” HR Community Awards
  • Sliver for “Best Human Resources Department”, HR Community Awards
  • GOLD for “Best Change Management Strategy / Initiative”, Boussias Awards
  • SILVER for “ Best HR Cross-Βorder Practices”, Boussias Awards
  • SILVER for “Most Effective Total Reward Strategy”, Boussias Awards
  • BRONZE for “Excellence in Workplace Well-being”, Boussias Awards
  • HONORABLE distinction for “ Excellence in Performance Management Strategy”, Boussias Awards

Awards & Recognitions