6 Amazing Cruise Destinations to Visit This Fall

Not sure where to travel to this fall? Here are just 6 of the best destinations to add to your cruise vacation bucket list.


If you’re a cruise lover and you want to book a fall vacation, you’ll be pleased to know that there are many diverse places from which to choose. But what are your best fall cruise options? The Greek islands and the East Mediterranean are arguably the most popular cruise destinations in the fall months as the crowds are fewer and the weather is cooler. This means you’ll not only be able to enjoy a more laid-back atmosphere but also experience the best sightseeing at a more leisurely pace.

Let’s take a look at our top 6 fall cruise destinations, all of which offer something for every type of traveler out there.

1. Santorini

You might think that Santorini is a place to visit during the summer, but the island has a wonderful charm in the fall as well. Santorini is also one of the most popular destinations worldwide and it’s packed with visitors from every corner of the globe during the summer months, making fall the perfect time of year to enjoy a calmer and less crowded trip. You’ll find it much easier to get a table at your chosen restaurants, the shops will be much quieter, and the lines to get into attractions and archaeological sites will be much shorter. Plus, the weather is still warm, with the temperature averaging around 25 degrees until the end of October.

2. Mykonos

In the fall, the crowds have thinned, most of the crazy day and night parties have ended and the weather is still wonderful, making this a fantastic time to see the cosmopolitan Greek island of Mykonos. You’ll find more space on the beaches, the attractions are less busy and you can spend an afternoon wandering the peaceful cobbled streets. And like Santorini, you’ll enjoy a more authentic Greek experience, as there are more local people than tourists and life on the island returns to normal. On top of all of those wonderful reasons, you can grab a front-row seat in the Little Venice area to watch the famous Mykonos sunset. 

3. Istanbul

The Turkish city of Istanbul is magical all year round, but it actually gets more vibrant when summer ends. From exhibitions and concerts to festivals and cultural events, you won’t have time to get bored when visiting Istanbul in the fall. The city literally vibrates with culture, and it’s not too hot or too cold, making the climate perfect for visiting the plethora of landmarks and historical sights. Exploring Istanbul by boat on the blue waters of the Bosphorus is a great way of discovering some of the city’s highlights from a new perspective. Fall is also Istanbul’s fish season, which means you can indulge your inner foodie and sample some delicious fresh fish from the Black Sea or the Marmara Sea.

4. Heraklion

Thanks to its southerly position, the Greek island of Crete has one of the mildest climates over the fall and winter months. As the capital of Crete, Heraklion has plenty to offer visitors once summer has passed, allowing you to see the best of the island’s culture and history. Heraklion’s must-see attraction is the Palace of Knossos, a spectacular open-air museum and an incredible archaeological site that was once the center of the Minoan civilization. When on the island, you can learn about the Venetian heritage of Heraklion and head to the Archaeological Museum to discover the fascinating history of Cretan culture. Fall is also the ideal time of year to visit the many vineyards, wineries and traditional villages in and around Crete’s fascinating capital. 

5. Ҫanakkale

Assos is at the top of the list of places to visit in Ҫanakkale in the fall due to the ancient city it stands on, as well as the Temple of Athena and the city’s links to Aristotle and St. Paul. A small and historically rich town, Assos is often described as one of Turkey’s best-kept secrets. Ҫanakkale is also your gateway to the ancient city of Troy and the Gallipoli Battlefields, the two most popular tourist destinations of the area, so it can often be hard to escape the bustling summertime crowds. If you’ve always wanted to see where the first and last big battles of the Dardanelles took place, exploring both areas in the fall is your best bet for a much more pleasant experience. 

6. Rhodes

As a highly popular tourist destination and the largest of the Dodecanese Islands in Greece, Rhodes is often filled with tourists in the summer months, particularly in the medieval Old Town with its impressive castle and cobbled streets. But when you visit in the fall, you’ll be delighted to find a quieter atmosphere, enabling you to take in the sights and explore the cute squares and winding alleys in peace. The exhausting warm air has disappeared, and people still go swimming in the sea as the temperatures are in their mid-twenties. One of the best areas to visit is Lindos, a picturesque town of whitewashed houses, boutiques and a labyrinth of streets with gorgeous tavernas, not forgetting the ancient Acropolis. Plus, Rhodes comes to life in the fall with a series of exciting events and festivals. 

The seasons may change, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying a memorable cruise vacation. If you want to get away during the fall season, explore our cruise itineraries for fall 2019 and 2020.