Day 1 - 2

Venice (Italy)

Day 3

Dubrovnik (Croatia)

Day 4

Kotor (Montenegro)

Day 5

Corfu (Greece)

Day 6

Katakolon (Greece)

Day 7 - 8

Piraeus (Greece)

7 Nights One Way Romantic

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Venice (Italy)



Venice (Italy), Dubrovnik (Croatia), Kotor (Montenegro), Corfu (Greece), Katakolon (Greece), Piraeus (Greece), Piraeus (Greece)

Explore the charms of Italy, Greece, Montenegro and Croatia on this magical cruise to discover some of Europe’s most charismatic cities. This enchanting experience is ideal for adventure-seekers that love mystery, romance and authentic cultural experiences. Delve into the enigmas of the ancient past, discover the stunning architecture of medieval cities, sample sumptuous cuisine and visit filming locations of a Game of Thrones. Starting in the iconic city of Athens, your journey will take you to the bewitching Greek islands of Katakolon and Corfu, the UNESCO listed jewels of Kotor and Dubrovnik before arriving in one of the most awe-inspiring cities in the world - Venice.

Day 1 - 2 | Venice (Italy)

Depart: 16:00

Is there a more magical place to start a cruise than the City of Masks? Probably not. Gondolas, canals, stunning buildings and the unmistakable air of romance. Stroll around St Mark’s Square, visit the Doge’s Palace and Basilica di San Marco, cross the Rialto Bridge, explore the maze of winding alleys and hidden narrow backstreets and have lunch by the Grand Canal. This is epic grandeur.

Day 3 | Dubrovnik (Croatia)

Arrival: 13:00 | Depart: 23:59

A walk around the ancient city walls is an absolute must, not only to get a unique perspective of Dubrovnik but to fully appreciate the magnificent structure that has protected it for centuries.

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Day 4 | Kotor (Montenegro)

Arrival: 08:00 | Depart: 17:00

This beautiful city is set in a spectacular bay, a medieval maze of stunning architecture, Venetian palaces, ornate churches, museums and squares sprinkled with cafes, bars and restaurants. It is 2,000 years old with a history that can be traced back all the way to its ancient Roman beginnings. Unsuprisingly Kotor is a UNESCO listed world heritage site and its not difficult to see why - its absolutely mesmerising. Join us on a complimentary walking tour, around the monumental city walls built in the Middle Ages, criss-crossing the narrow streets to the most recognisable symbol of the city, the Cathedral of St Tryphon, a masterpiece of Romanesque architecture.

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Day 5 | Corfu (Greece)

Arrival: 07:30 | Depart: 18:00

Welcome to one of the most diverse, greenest and fascinating Greek islands, the seventh largest and the setting of seveal myths and legends. It is here where Odysseus was shipwrecked and sent on his way whilst the Sea God Poseidon is also said to have settled down here - allegedly. Corfu Town is cosmopolitan, charming and friendly, and an ideal place to explore the narrow alleyways, soak up the atmosphere and natter with the locals at one of the many cafes, bars and restaurants. You will probably be surprised by the Italian feel, largely thanks to the Venetian architecture - and the Greeks also offer a warm welcome. 

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Day 6 | Katakolon (Greece)

Arrival: 08:00 | Depart: 15:00

Discover the ancient city of Olympia at a sleepy fishing village of Katakolon. Enjoy the calm and coolness of Katakolon’s golden sands and crystalline blue waters.

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Day 7 - 8 | Piraeus (Greece)

Arrival: 08:00

The largest port in the Mediterranean and primary departure point for Greek Island cruises from Athens, Piraeus is a hubbub of activity that will bring your senses to life. With a sun-soaked promenade, al-fresco cafes and bars and countless shops, it’s a place where you can easily relax with a glass of wine and watch the world go by.

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