Çanakkale (Turkey)

History and mythology merge in a city defined by its strategic location – Çanakkale is your entry point to the ancient city of Troy and the famous Gallipoli Battlefields.

Setting of two major historical battles, Çanakkale brings history to life.

Cruising in through the Dardanelles strait - straddling Asia and Europe - Çanakkale may sit at the narrowest part, but its history is one to broaden the mind. From the cruise ship, you can spot the wooden Trojan horse on the vast yacht-lined waterfront promenade - serving as a taster of what awaits.

Travelling into Çanakkale Province is where you’ll encounter a roll-call of sites that have marked the city on a map. It’s your gateway to the ancient city of Troy and the ancient Aeolian city of Assos. Set above the village of Behrankale, Assos promises a retreat from city life, vistas across the sparkling bay of Edremit, and the photogenic Temple of Athena.

From one remarkable battle to another, the Gallipoli Battlefields were witnesses to the WWI Battle of Çanakkale. The area is now a national park with poignant memorials and monuments to both Turkish and Allied troops. You can also visit Brighton Beach, now a memorial, where Anzac troops landed on April 25, 1915 and learn more about the Gallipoli Campaign right where it all happened.

Immortalized in Homer’s “Iliad”, ancient Troy really is the stuff of legends. Come face to face with the remarkable Trojan War as you step foot amongst the ruins, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the brand new museum. Here you’ll find fascinating relics, some returned from across the globe, and the eponymous wooden horse.

The city itself boasts a maze of characterful cobbled lanes webbed around the historic clock tower; all packed with museums and landmarks that hark back to its strategic importance throughout the ages. Known for its pottery, legends and popular modern eateries, Çanakkale seduces with its atmosphere and bustling center.

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