Celebrate your love with a cruise ceremony

Celebrating your wedding anniversary or renewing your wedding vows may turn out to be an even better experience than the wedding itself. The endurance and appreciation of your love need to be celebrated with a celebration and a second honeymoon wrapped up into one!  


Ceremonies at sea can be the ultimate romance. Just imagine standing with the love of your life on the bridge of the cruise ship where you will be renewing your vows for eternal love by a 
uniformed captain in the middle of the Aegean Sea, having commemorative photos taken near a picturesque little village in Santorini and then partying in Mykonos. It's much more than a destination celebration, it’s a multidestination ceremony AND honeymoon!


Cruise vow-renewal ceremonies are first and foremost beautiful. The scenery for this important day doesn’t need to be a single destination but several and all of them uniquely pretty. You can choose a special moment package that even includes floral arrangements, a celebratory cake, champagne toasting, a lavish dinner, a photographer...well pretty much everything! It’s important to have fun and not stress about anything. And if you’re feeling even more romantic offer to you and your partner a breakfast in bed accompanied by champagne or even a starlit champagne evening for two on the deck.

Usually, a memorable destination celebration requires a large budget for you and your guests. The venue, the traveling arrangements, the accommodation, the party, and the list just never ends. When you plan a cruise vow renewal ceremony everything is on a budget side and you get much more in return. The all-inclusive package includes everything you may need during your cruise and the specially designed vow renewal package covers every single detail of this special moment. On top of that, you get to have your second honeymoon in all the incredible destinations that the East Mediterranean has to offer! Sunset in Santorini, drinks in Mykonos, a stroll to the Pyramids and endless shopping in all different souks of Istanbul.  All the romance and vacation you need along with the love of your life and your best friends and family.

And your guest will have a blast too! Renewing your vows on a cruise allows you and your guests to visit multiple destinations and easily stay close to one another—plus you can all enjoy the amenities a cruise ship has to offer. The combination of vacation and celebrating your love makes for an amazing experience. All the relaxation that the East Mediterranean has to offer  from scenery to entertainment and culinary delights will enchant them. Not to mention the incredible bars and restaurants on board, the spa treatments and none of the stress of booking hotels, and making reservations. One is certain, they will never forget your special day. 

Make your love a unique opportunity to visit amazing places and a celebration that you will remember for years to come! See all the available cruises here.