Alexandria (Egypt)

The Pyramids of Giza, River Nile, Sphinx and the mega city of Cairo – Port Said and Alexandria are your portals to some of Egypt’s must-sees.

Alexandria, the meeting point of grandeur and knowledge

Sitting on Egypt’s Mediterranean coastline, Alexandria, the ancient capital of Egypt,  is where you’ll join a guided excursion to Cairo and beyond. From here, there’s everything at your fingertips – the mighty Suez Canal, Egypt’s capital and the only remaining Wonder of the Ancient World, the Great Giza Pyramid.

In Cairo, you’ll come head on with frenzied commotion, but delve deeper and this global city will excite and seduce you with its history, both old and new. Step into Islamic Cairo, where there are over 400 historic monuments in the neighborhood alone, including the impressive Citadel - home to the extensive Egyptian National Military Museum and Mosque of Muhammad Ali, built from glittering Alabaster marble.

There’s no shortage of sights and museums, and any route will take you past Tahrir (Liberty) Square, a focal point of activity, into the Egyptian Museum and out to the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx, which are just a stone’s-throw away. Afterwards, rejoin your Cairo cruise in Port Said.

Built by Egypt’s pharaohs 4,500 years ago, the Giza Pyramids are a testament of time. Their elaborate burial complexes are just one layer of the story, and as you wander around highly-decorated tombs, you’ll get a glimpse into life in ancient Egypt. Further down the valley, the oldest known monumental sculpture, the Great Sphinx of Giza, evokes legends and superstitions passed down from generation to generation.

A timeless waterway of pharaohs, queens and nobles, a Nile cruise offers a taste of some of the ever-changing landscapes the world’s longest river runs through. It flows through the very heart of Cairo and lets you see the city from a different perspective – away from the crowds. Watch the skyline unfold, from dazzlingly-high skyscrapers to bridges and promenades filled with evening strollers.

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