Embarkation / Disembarkation

It’s crucial that you enjoy every minute of your cruise. From your embarkation to your departure, we make sure your time with us is comfortable, safe and unforgettable.

Are you fully prepared to embark on your Celestyal Cruise? Here’s a quick checklist for before you leave home:

  • All your personal items and clothes should be packed
  • Your passport and/or ID, cruise ticket, medication, cash and valuables should be kept in your hand luggage
  • Your suitcases should be clearly labelled and locked
  • You should arrange for a taxi or other means of transportation to take you to the port so that you arrive no later than two hours prior to departure

Check-in procedure for Celestyal Olympia departures in the port of Piraeustakes place during 08.30-10.30hrs.

Celestyal Crystal’s check-in procedure in the port of Piraeus takes place the following times:
Idyllic: 14.00-18.00hrs
Eclectic: 13.00-15.00hrs
3 Continents: 14.00-18.00hrs


All passengers must proceed strictly within the check-in hours in the embarkation ports due to requirements of the local Immigration Control Authorities. Please allow an average of 4 hours from your landing time at the local airport to reach the port of embarkation. Specifically for passengers embarking/disembarking in the port of Ashdod, please note that due to very strict and long lasting Immigration, Custom and Security Control the following needs to be considered:

  • Incoming flights to Israel: landing time must be at least 4 hours prior to check-in
  • Outgoing flights from Israel: airport check-in must be at least 7 hours after ship’s arrival in port


Guests who do not arrive at check-in at least 30 minutes prior to departure are considered “no-shows” and we are unable to issue refunds for these cancellations.

You must present your passport and/or ID card and your ticket at check-in. If you do not have your ticket with you because it has not been issued to you, you will collect it at the check-in desk. 

During check-in you will receive your personal boarding card, which you will use as a debit and ID card throughout your cruise. You can make all on-board purchases with this card with the exception of the casino.

For safety reasons and for expediting our embarkation and disembarkation procedures at each port, your identity card or passport will be kept by the ship’s Pursers during check-in at the guest embarkation terminal; identity cards and passports will be returned to you prior to the end of your cruise. At all ports of arrival you are only required to present your personal boarding card if and when it is requested.

  • Make sure you are carrying your passport and/or ID, cruise ticket, medication and valuables in your hand luggage, as well as glasses and any other necessary items
  • Please read the “Conditions of Carriage” – we also suggest you print a copy and keep it with you
  • The information on your luggage tags should be accurate and legible
  • For security reasons, visitors are not allowed on board
  • Pets are prohibited on board

Check-in takes place at the cruise terminal. When you check-in, we will label your luggage with your stateroom number (if not already done) and place it outside your stateroom door (please allow a maximum of two hours between check-in and the delivery of your luggage to your stateroom door).

If your luggage is not at your stateroom door by this time, please contact Reception. Please carry all travel documents and valuables in your hand luggage and secure your suitcases with a lock, if possible. You are solely responsible for your belongings while you sail with us, so please don’t leave them exposed in the ship’s public areas or in your stateroom. You can store your valuable items in the personal safe in your stateroom.

According to international agreements, Celestyal Cruises (“the Carrier”) has limited responsibility for the transportation of luggage and we therefore advise you to purchase travel insurance to cover lost or damaged luggage and medical expenses. Celestyal Cruises bears no responsibility for the loss or damage to luggage, cash, documents, jewelry, technical equipment, computers, works of art or other valuables. You can store your valuables in the personal safe in your stateroom.

Contact our Guest Service Department on (+30) 210 946 6001 if you have any questions regarding our embarkation procedures and policies.

We want to make sure your disembarkation is as comfortable and carefree as your cruise. Here’s a brief summary on how we help you to safely leave your cruise ship.

On the evening before you disembark, please pack your luggage and make sure your contact information and stateroom number are clearly visible on your luggage tags. If your suitcases are equipped with locks, please use them, and leave your bags outside your door before you retire for the night.

If you have used your safe to store any valuables, please remember to empty it. Anything you will need for the following morning, including cash, medication, passports, tickets and valuables should be kept in your hand luggage, which must be kept with you at all times.

Remember not to leave anything behind. Before you leave your stateroom, make sure you have packed everything, then make one final inspection of the stateroom: open all the drawers and closets, check the safe-box and check the bathroom. Please make sure you have all of your medication and any valuables you brought on board. You must vacate your stateroom by 07.00 on the morning of disembarkation.

If you have purchased alcoholic beverages from our shops or during an excursion, please ensure you collect them before disembarking. Souvenir knives and/or similar items that may have been kept at the time of embarkation by Port Security, must be collected from ship’s Security officers at the gangway before your final disembarkation.

Our crew will see to the collection of your luggage from outside your stateroom door and our shore-side porters will take them from the ship to the designated Luggage Collection area in the cruise terminal. Please ensure that you collect the correct luggage before leaving the cruise terminal by checking your personal data on the luggage tags.

Don’t forget to complete our guest questionnaire before you leave the ship. We want to hear your opinions, suggestions and comments regarding your cruise and the service you received. This is very important to us: we want to do everything we can to make your next cruise with us even better.

Celestyal Cruises places great importance on safety and responsibility and we adhere to the strictest safety regulations on all of our vessels. All of our cruise ships are fully-equipped according to the latest safety regulations, and our crew is fully-trained and certified for emergency situations. 

When you first board your ship, you will notice several signs pertaining to emergencies as well as emergency lights along the corridors, which assist guests in reaching master stations and emergency exits. Our vessels are also equipped with evolved smoke detection and fire suppression systems, ample lifeboats, life jackets in every stateroom and in some of the ship’s public spaces, as well as other equipment we use to ensure your cruise is safe and smooth. We also provide you with a special booklet, “Travelling with Safety,” which we urge you to read so that you can familiarize yourself with our safety regulations and instructions.

After you board your ship and prior to departure, we will conduct a mandatory safety drill. The drill is designed to make you aware of the safety measures we take on board and to demonstrate the readiness of your crew. You will be given a daily program when you board the ship – please consult this program for the exact time of the drill, which we will also announce over the ship’s P.A. system. Again, this drill is mandatory. Please follow all instructions from our crew members.

We have a well-equipped medical center and a doctor on standby for first aid whenever we are at sea. Anytime during your cruise, our ship’s doctor schedules appointments unless there is an emergency. Should you require on-board medical care or any medication, your personal account will be charged accordingly. Please check with your health insurance provider if any of the costs can be reimbursed to you - we will provide a receipt that can be submitted accordingly. 

  • If you are traveling with infants or children under 32kg (70.5lbs), ask your steward for a special life jacket; make sure each life jacket in your stateroom (for adults and children over 32kg) are equipped with a light and a whistle.
  • For safety and security requirements, visitors are not allowed on board.
  • For sanitation reasons, pets cannot travel on board our ships.
  • Smoking is prohibited in all of the ship’s interior spaces, including your stateroom; you may smoke on the open deck wherever there are no signs prohibiting smoking and where ashtrays are available (do not throw cigarettes over the side of the ship).
  • The use of electrical irons or candles in your stateroom is strongly prohibited.
  • Littering on board or in the sea is unacceptable – you will find garbage bins throughout the ship, both inside and on the decks.
  • Children under the age of 14 must be supervised closely at all times: they must not touch any of the ship’s security devices, nor are they permitted to play unsupervised on the ship’s deck areas (deck, stairs and around the pool) or to use the elevators without a parent or guardian.
  • For your safety and comfort on board we suggest sports or flat deck shoes with low heels. This type of footwear will make it easier for you to walk on the outside decks and stairwells.
  • Please help us to protect the environment and conserve energy by switching off the lights and unplugging all electrical appliances before leaving your stateroom. Towels to be replaced may be dropped on the bathroom floor. Towels and sheets will be replaced whenever needed.