Expert Tips for Booking the Right Shore Excursions

Struggling to decide which shore excursions to book on your Celestyal cruise? Here’s everything you need to consider to help you make the right decisions.  


When it comes to shore excursions, Celestyal Cruises offers something for every taste to enable all of our guests to make the most of their time ashore. One of the best things about choosing our tours is that everything is organized for you, so all you have to do is enjoy every moment you spend at each destination. But with so many choices to accommodate all types of interests, it can be difficult to decide which optional excursions you should book to truly enhance your cruise vacation experience.

If you need a little help choosing the right shore excursions, here are some of the main factors you need to take into account before you make any final decisions. 

Have you done your research?

Although we offer what we believe to be the most popular shore excursions based on feedback from our guests, the last thing we want to do is take you on tours that you don’t actually enjoy. To avoid wasting your valuable time and money, you should research your cruise vacation destinations to discover the best things to do and see in each port. By including detailed tour descriptions and useful information about each destination on our website and in our brochures, Celestyal Cruises makes it easy for you to do a little research.  

What kind of excursion experiences do you want?

Maybe you like the idea of some chill-out time on a golden sandy beach. Perhaps you’re the type of person who prefers sightseeing or a historical visit to a famous cultural landmark. Think about what you’d rather do and see while in each port so that you can experience things you’ll love. Also, think back to when you booked your cruise and your reasons for picking that itinerary. Let’s say you’ve chosen our Iconic Aegean Cruise because you desperately want to visit Little Venice in Mykonos and the Archaeological Museum in Heraklion. You can book tours that will take you to these places first, then focus on the other destinations if you want to sign up for more excursions.

Do you have a cruise vacation budget?

No matter whether you have chosen a 3, 4, 5 or 7-night cruise, all of our cruises include a couple or a few selected tours at no extra cost. We also have a handpicked selection of pre-bookable tours in addition to excursions that are sold only on board to enable you to see the very best of our destinations. Now, we understand that you don’t want to miss out on exciting shore excursions just to save a little money but knowing roughly how much you can spend is an important part of planning your cruise vacation. With this in mind, we suggest you budget ahead for optional shore excursions. Since we offer a great range of tours at reasonable prices, we’re confident you’ll be able to find something to suit your budget. 

Will you prefer half-day or full-day shore excursions?

If you like to explore destinations independently or with no one other than your cruise vacation companions and you still want to do excursions, we recommend you choose half-day tours that allow you time to do other activities without an itinerary. Some people prefer full-day excursions because they want to minimize the hassle of planning their port days, as well as make sure they see all the wonderful things the locations have to offer. Full-day tours aren’t for everybody, so be sure to check the duration of each excursion if you want some free time to go shopping, admire the scenery or visit local attractions on your own.

Final word

At the end of the day, you want to pick shore excursions you’ll enjoy from beginning to end and, hopefully, this advice should help you to do just that. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices and picked your favorites, you can reserve your shore excursions when you book your cruise, via the ‘Manage Booking’ section of our website or at the excursions desk onboard your cruise ship. And if you don’t want to take an excursion when you stop in port, you can either stay on your ship or explore the area on your own – the choice is always yours!