Kotor (Montenegro)

A medieval maze of stunning architecture, lovely churches, museums, squares sprinkled with cafes and Venetian Palaces.

Absolutely mesmerising ancient Roman Beginnings

Join us on a complimentary walking tour, around the monumental city walls built in the Middle Ages, before criss-crossing the narrow streets to the most recognisable symbol of the city - the Cathedral of St Tryphon.

Kotor has many stories to tell; from its ancient Roman beginnings to its Middle Ages struggles when ownership of the city was fought over between Goths, Saracens and Serbians. The influence of the Venetians is still very evident. With a history like this, it’s no surprise Kotor has earned a place on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The port of Kotor finds a home on the world’s southernmost fjord - otherwise known as the ‘Bride of the Adriatic’. It’s one of the most beautiful places in the Adriatic. Think blue seas, a stony shore, rolling mountains, and a rich green landscape all drenched in the heavenly scent of lemons, oranges, mimosas and camellias.

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