The Most Common Cruise Myths Debunked

Celestyal Cruises dispels the outdated myths that stop some people from enjoying a memorable vacation at sea.


Ever heard the phrase, “Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it?” It’s something seasoned cruisers often find themselves saying to people who have never been on a cruise, yet still feel the need to criticize cruising. And while not every type of cruise will suit every traveler, cruising has changed a lot over the years and cruise lines have massively upped their game when it comes to offering exciting and unforgettable experiences for all ages and interests. But with so many stereotypes and misconceptions that surround cruising, it’s not difficult to understand why some people haven’t ever booked a cruise vacation.


As there’s a lot of misinformation out there about cruise vacations, we’ve debunked some of the most common cruise myths that are far from the truth.


Cruises are for seniors only

Really? So how come guests of all age groups book cruise vacations with us. While seniors and retirees tend to have the time to cruise more often, it doesn’t mean that cruising is just for them. Whether you’re single, newlyweds, a young couple, an adventurous group of friends or a family with small kids, our itineraries are crafted with everyone in mind. Some cruise ships are a better fit for some than others, but most cruise lines cater to all types of travelers. No matter your age, it’s easy to find a cruise experience that matches your personality and suits you perfectly.

You will be bored on the ship

This is a really common cruise myth that a lot of people tend to worry about before embarking on their first adventure at sea. Fortunately, it’s usually debunked not long after they’ve climbed aboard and seen all the amazing activities and amenities available on the ship. The daily programs feature a wide range of options for all tastes, such as quizzes, dance classes, handicrafts, live music, contests and cooking demonstrations. Not only that but the evening entertainment is also great quality and includes live music, karaoke, discos, casinos and even theater shows. There is so much to do while the ship is sailing, so you can trust us when we say there’s never a dull moment onboard our cruise ships.

It’s impossible to eat healthy on a cruise

Wrong. It’s entirely possible to eat healthy on a cruise. Although it’s easy to overindulge on one of our all-inclusive cruises, there are different menus and low-calorie options available to help you maintain your healthy lifestyle. You can rest assured that our chefs use only fresh Mediterranean ingredients to make sure you enjoy delicious and balanced meals in our restaurants every day. Our ships also serve buffet-style dishes, which means you can stick to portion sizes that you would typically have at home. It’s worth mentioning that both our ships have a fitness center to enable you to burn calories and stick to your normal exercise routine.

You need to pack a lot of formal wear

It’s entirely up to you if you want to dress up every night but you don’t need to pack a lot of formal wear for a Celestyal cruise. The atmosphere onboard our ships is casual, meaning our guests aren’t required to bring a suitcase full of posh frocks and tuxedos to be allowed entry into the restaurants and lounges. Formal evening wear is not expected at all but we do recommend you wear something elegant or smart for Gala Night and Captain’s Cocktail Night on our seven-night cruises. Just be aware that some cruise lines feature quite a lot of formal nights including black tie nights, so it pays to do your research if you’d prefer a cruise with a more relaxed dress code.

Cruises aren’t for children

This is totally untrue. If you’ve ever wanted to take your whole family, including your kids, on a cruise, you’ll find plenty of onboard facilities that are aimed at children. Not only do we organize all sorts of activities on sailing days but our ships have swimming pools, ping pong tables, video arcades and Kids’ Clubs for small children and kids up to 12 years old. What’s more, our chefs make sure your kids are well-served with a delightful range of child-friendly meals. The perfect family cruise should include unforgettable experiences and lots of fun and laughter, plus you’ll get to travel to a variety of exciting places and have everything you need onboard the ship to have a great time.

Cruising makes you seasick

Well, it might. But it might not. As our ships are equipped with stabilizers to keep them steady when sailing, the majority of our guests almost forget that they’re at sea. Having said that, some people are more susceptible to motion sickness than others, so it’s a good idea to be prepared just in case. If you’ve never been on a cruise ship or even a boat before, you won’t already know if you’re prone to seasickness but there are some things you can purchase ahead of time. From motion sickness patches to wristbands and over-the-counter medication, there are lots of great products you can take with you to prevent and reduce symptoms of seasickness. However, both of our ships have a medical center with a doctor and a nurse, so there’s no need to worry if you forget to buy possible remedies before you set sail.


Don’t let these misconceptions hold you back from booking a cruise vacation. Now that we’ve debunked these old myths, you can book a cruise and discover first-hand why cruising is more popular than ever.