Unmissable things to do in Rhodes

This medieval historic island will surprise you with the multitude of sights and unexpected natural beauty.  


The city of Rhodes is the largest medieval city in the world and it was declared a World Heritage City by UNESCO in 1988. The island has earned the nickname “Island of the Knights” since the island was rebuilt to its current architecture during the occupation by the crusaders that lasted for over 200 years. Looking further back to the island’s history another important milestone is the Colossus of Rhodes, a giant bronze statue that was considered to be one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

The modern city of Rhodes is dominated by the fort that surrounds the Old City and the Grand Master Palace. The narrow streets, the classical architecture, the medieval churches and the bridges shape the unique atmosphere of the old city that is reminiscent of a different era that you’ll love at first sight. If the Old City is the crown of Rhodes, the Palace of the Grand Master is the gem of the crown and properly beautiful. The best way to experience this 14th-century monument is by walking in order to absorb all the ancient art, architecture, marble statues and mosaics. And if you’re in the mood for a stop several cute cafes and restaurants wait to introduce you to Greek cuisine and hospitality. To conclude this walk to the past, don’t miss the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes. It hosts ancient relics that date back to the Archaic, Roman and Hellenistic period. Ceramic vases and marble sculptures and statues are some of the archaeological findings that give the visitor the opportunity to get familiarized with the local cultural production through the ages, under the influence of other populations and civilizations. Another unmissable stop is the ancient city of Lindos. Located in a large bay about 50 kilometers from the island’s center, Lindos is one of the most scenic sites. The Acropolis of Lindos surrounded by the ancient temple of Athena and its towers is a magnificent site that offers a panoramic view of the beautiful fish-village of Lindos.

If you are into natural beauty and relaxation you should pay a visit to the Butterfly Valley, only 15 minutes for the city’s center. Surrounded by hills, with countless trees and streamlets during June and September the valley is full of colorful butterflies that select this location to leave their eggs and reproduce. If you catch a flock of butterflies flying around you will believe that you are in a fairy tale. It is an ideal location to relax and enjoy nature’s magnificence, especially during the hot summer days. Another unique natural site is, of course, an amazing, pure-sand beach called Tsambika. Located under the imposing rock where the  Monastery of Tsambika stands, turquoise waters and golden sands create beautiful scenery, ideal to relax and enjoy the sun. During the day many water activities are offered and plenty of taverns and cafes wait to surprise your palate with fresh fish and local delicacies.

Rhodes is a unique island that will add another piece to the puzzle of images and experiences our cruises offer.


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